June 11 - Wax (on) Paper Intro - Crafters Classroom



Warning: The Gilders Wax used in the class contains mineral spirits and has a significant odor. The product should be used in a well ventilated area. Individuals sensitive to petroleum vapors should use caution taking this class and use caution using Gilders Paste Wax.

Welcome - or reWelcome - to the world of wax! On June 11th, we are going to start on paper. Wax basics, wax on paper (black and white cardstock), creating 10 incredibly beautiful backgrounds.

Every student will be getting 4 Gilders Paste Wax tins, along with a Frosty Sparkle Glitter Kiss jar. We will continue to use these products in the upcoming classes so this is not a "one and done" class kit purchase!

Participants will need to have:

Several swatches of cotton rags (like from an old sweatshirt or t-shirt)

Hand Cleaner, Fast Orange is recommended

Access to a heat gun recommended

Small amount of odorless mineral spirits....(very inexpensive and beneficial)