The Journaling Side of Art Anthology Crafters Classroom - May 14



May 14 The Journaling side of Art Anthology

Class taught and saved on the Crafters Classroom Facebook page.

Join me as we enter the world of journaling with Art Anthology.  This journey will go over a period of classes where we continue to add to what we do the previous month.  In addition, Carol will show you how easy doodling is which you will soon be doing in your journaling pages.

Carol will also show you ideas and “where we are going” with our pages, although everyone will have a different outcomes.

During our first “class” May 14th, we will work on 10, 8 1/2x11 watercolor cardstock pieces which will be included in your kit along with a colorations mini sprayer set (Ice; Barbie; Juicy; Glorious; Granny Smith; Siesta Key); a full colorations spray Raider; and some 6x6 practice doodle sheets.

Kits can be purchased at or at

For class, please have on hand a few stencils of your choice; a pencil; mat to work on and some paper towels.