Precision Trimmer 12.5-Inch by Tim Holtz



Enjoy perfect trimming every time with the brand new Tim Holtz 12.5 inch / 31.5cm Precision Trimmer.
Ideal for accurate and rapid cutting, this incredible tool comes packed with ingenious features. Your Tim Holtz 12.5 inch / 31.5cm Precision Trimmer provides a crisp cut but can also be used to create a clean score. An essential tool for creative paper crafters!
• Includes 2 Black Cutting Blades & 1 Grey Scoring Blade
• Cuts & Scores Card Stock & Paper up to 12.5” / 31.5cm
• Spring lift blade track with measurements in imperial and metric
•¼ inch measuring grid on base of trimmer featuring standard card sizes
• Extendable rulers fold away for easy storage, Extend to 12” / 30cm

To use:

  • Insert the paper under the spring – lift blade track
  • Align the paper to the top or bottom edge of the trimmer
  • Apply pressure to the blade track to engage
  • Slide blade along the track for a clean cut or score

    Features expanded:
  • For use with card stock and paper. Spring lift blade track with measurements. 6” (15cm) central ruler for convenient measuring.
  • Locking extendable rulers up to 12” (30.5cm) with extendable rulers that fold away for easy storage.
  • Measurements in both inches & metric. 0.25” measuring grid surface with size markings.