Glaze 3D Pen Set/ 6 pc


SKU: S38371

The only one-of-its-kind, Glaze - 3-D glossy ink - by Sakura - expresses emotions as well as bringing depth, texture and dimension. Make secret messages by writing with clear, then sponge on color to reveal the writing or drawing.

Glaze - 3-D glossy ink pen features:

  • A roller ball pen that is easy and comfortable to use
  • Write slowly so the ink flows out thickly and allow time to dry completely about 10 minutes.
  • A raised effect that is delicate and can be crushed-down
  • Waterproof on most surfaces
  • Use on light backgrounds, and on plastic, glass, ceramic and metal
  • Raised effect best on non-porous, clean, smooth, matte surfaces

Note: Glaze is a special craft pen for coloring or lettering. Since the ink flows thickly and takes time to dry it is not ideal for any lengthy writing.


6 pc. Set includes 1 each of the following colors:

Sepia, Turquoise, Hunter Green, Gray, Royal Blue, White Gloss