Essential Shapes Die & Hot Foil Plates Bundle



$128.00 $140.00
SKU: BD-0552

The Essential Shapes Want it all Bundle is the perfect addition for those who love the Glimmer Hot Foil System and want all the essentials. Fall in love with the new Modern Essentials collection that perfectly matches essential shape dies and Glimmer plates.

This bundle contains...

  • Essential Circles Dies S4-1039
  • Essential Glimmer Circles Glimmer Plates GLP-150
  • Essential Squares Dies S4-1037
  • Essential Glimmer Squares Glimmer Plates GLP-151
  • Essential Rectangles Dies S5-411
  • Essential Glimmer Rectangles Glimmer Plates GLP-152
  • Essential Ovals Dies S4-1038
  • Essential Glimmer Ovals Glimmer Plates GLP-153

$179.92 Bundle Value!