Fancy Sentiment Strips Press Plate & Die Set from the Serenade of Autumn Collection


SKU: BP-091

Fancy Sentiment Strips Press Plate & Die Set is part of the Serenade of Autumn Collection with one press plate stacked with eight all-occasion sentiments. A corresponding thin metal cutting die cut all in one pass. From a hello sentiment to anniversary to birthday, they can be added to many of your card creations. Ink the plates with the BetterPress Ink to be pressed against the BetterPress Cotton Card Panel and Sheets for a crisp letterpress design.

Approximate Size:

  • Dies: Sentiment Strip (8 pcs): 3.15 x 0.55 in./8.00 x 1.30 cm


  • Just Saying Hello: 2.50 x 0.25 in./6.30 x 0.60 cm
  • Happy Anniversary: 2.70 x 0.25 in./6.90 x 0.70 cm
  • Love You Always: 2.30 x 0.30 in./5.90 x 0.80 cm
  • Especially for You: 2.70 x 0.30 in./6.90 x 0.70 cm
  • Congratulations: 2.45 x 0.25 in./6.20 x 0.70 cm
  • Merry Christmas: 2.45 x 0.30 in./6.30 x 0.80 cm
  • A Million Thanks: 2.30 x 0.30 in./5.70 x 0.80 cm