July 13, 2024 - DAZZLING DROPS - Jewel Time With Misti - Crafters Classroom


SKU: July Earrings

Earrings to match the dazzling duo bracelets.  In this kit you will receive enough pieces to make two pairs of earrings, in whatever configuration you desire.  Make both pairs to match the bracelets, or one pair to match both.  I will go over design as well as construction, using the same techniques I used in the bracelet class-I will go over the wire wrap in its entirety!  Another dazzling jewelry class!  I cannot wait to show you more!


Not included in the kit are needle nose pliers, a flat nose plier, a round nose plier and crimping pliers.  If you have these tools at home, wonderful.  You will be using them.  If not, they are available for purchase on the Stamplistic website, alongside this class.  These tools are a one-time purchase.  We will continue to use these in every jewelry class going forward.