LYRA Aquacolor Wax Crayons - 12



  • Beautiful Blending - Dip the tip of the crayon in water to create a solid layer of color perfect for filling in larger areas of negative space, or create vivid watercolor effects by applying a wet brush to your color on paper and blend to produce your desired shade or effect
  • High Pigmentation - Use them dry for a more traditional crayon look or add water to create soft, smooth gradients and washes of color. With the help of these wonderfully pigmented watercolor crayons, you can create vibrant patterns and details with a velvety smooth finish
  • Exceptionally Lightfast - Enjoy your artwork for years to come! These water soluble crayons are highly resistant to UV rays, so you don't have to worry about your artwork fading or discoloring over time
  • Countless Color Options - Take your artistic skills to the next level with our wide selection of vibrant colors. Our wax crayons allow you to mix and blend a limitless range of colors and tones with their seamless blending ability
  • Made in Germany - Since 1806, Lyra has been a product of talent, vision, creativity and performance, requiring the best tools for artists and professionals to enjoy for years to come