October 8 - Waxes and Mixed Media Collide - Crafters Classroom



Warning: The Gilders Wax used in the class contains mineral spirits and has a significant odor. The product should be used in a well ventilated area. Individuals sensitive to petroleum vapors should use caution taking this class and use caution using Gilders Paste Wax.

Waxes and Mixed Media Collide

The third Gilders Wax class will focus on using the waxes in a mixed media environment.  Previous classes concentrated on colorizing cardstock as backgrounds, blending colors, stenciling and masking all to get card ready for your artistic creations. In this class we will be adding color to a variety of media other than cardstock. Included in the kit are three individually made ornaments that I carved from PVC using Stamplistic stamps as inspiration, 2 plastic coins, a wheel of sisal rope, and a shell. These unique materials will give you inspiration to create beautiful mixed media projects

The waxes we will be using are Verdigris, Patina, Antique Gold, Pinotage, German Silver and Iris Blue.  These are all colors that were included in previous class kits.

Items that you will need to have on hand are a small stenciling or other stiff bristle brush, a cloth for polishing, a small amount of black Gesso or acrylic craft paint and if you have one a craft heat gun (a hair dryer would work just fine).  As always when working with the waxes a hand cleaner like Fast Orange will make clean-up much easier.

I am so looking forward to this class because it is my favorite and regular use for the Gilding Wax products. See you in October.