September 10 -Jewel Tin - Crafters Classroom



Class title:  Jewel Tin


NOTE:  I realize that we completed this project on a Fanster Friday, but I wanted to start in this group with this project first.  It’s a great beginner project to learn from and if you already made one in the past, it’s OK to make another for yourself or as a gift.

I am going to introduce you to the world of jewels… off the card and page.  Each month we will use a new base for our jeweled project.  This month we will be working on tins.

Each kit will contain everything you need to complete the project, including your adhesive and jewels.  Jewels will be real Austria Illumination crystals in fall themed colors.  For those who have their own jewels, you will have an option of choosing your kit with or without jewels.

(Although we will only be doing 1 tin… you will get 5 misc size tins in your kit.  Who doesn’t love extra?)


Option 1:  Class kit w/out jewels  $22.95

Option 2:  Class kit with jewels   $58.35  (you will receive 1 gross crystal 3mm; 1 gross (fall color) 4mm; and 1 gross (fall color) 5mm