Souffle Pen / 2 pk


SKU: 38469

The only one-of-its-kind, 3-D ink colors of Soufflé® are soft pastels and white which dramatically stands out on dark backgrounds. For color availability see the Soufflé® color chart.

Soufflé® - 3-D opaque ink pen features:

  • A roller ball pen that is easy and comfortable to write with
  • Write slowly and allow to dry completely
  • A raised effect that is delicate and can be crushed-down
  • Use on dark or light backgrounds
  • Raised effect best on non-porous, clean, smooth surfaces

Note: Souffle is a special craft pen for coloring or lettering. Since the ink flows thickly and takes time to dry it is not ideal for any lengthy writing.


Each package comes with 2 pens of the same color