June 11 - The Journaling Side of Art Anthology - Sprays Part 2

Journal-Art Anthology

SKU: Sprays Part 2

The Journaling side of Art Anthology, more ink!!

Ready everyone? I hope you've been practicing; this is going to be a whirlwind class!!

We are bringing 3 more colorations into the mix, a few minutes of play time to get the juices flowing then we are off to more doodles!!  I know we will glide through those with ease, then we will start on our pages from last week. Using Poscas we will start to doodle and get a page moving in the right direction!! I can't wait!

Class kit will include 10 8x11 sheets of our journal paper; more doodle practice sheets; 3 mini colorations (Clover, Inkspot, and Plush); and 2 posca pens (one white and one black). Kits are available on both Art Anthology and Stamplistic webpages. 

Homework: practice! Have fun! You will need 1 scrap piece of paper. Scissors. Precious ink colors, mat, paper towels, and damp rag for ink. Your doodling pen for practice, and last month's journal pages!