un-du® original Sticker, Tape and Label Remover (Cannot be sold in California)


SKU: undu4-00

This "all in one" award winning removal utilizes a patented formula and attached scrapper tool system that safely and quickly removes all self sticking and pressure sensitive stickers, tapes, labels and adhesives on contact without leaving behind any oily or greasy mess to clean up. un-du® simply evaporates leaving behind no messy clean up and you can re-use the sticker, tape, or label again and again. Kids stickers are everywhere and with un-du® you can remove them and let them re-stick them again and again. There is absolutely on other product in the market place that will do the job of removing those pesky self sticking adhesives like un-du®!

un-du® is "Acid Free and Photo Safe"

 Size: 4 oz bottle

NOTE: Cannot be shipped to California. Customers will be refunded and not shipped.